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As you begin to write your dissertation, you begin to understand that not all of your thoughts are nearly as profound as you imagined. Dr. Michael Munger confirms that writing, editing, and responding to feedback is usually far from glamorous. As Dr. Munger says in the interview below:

Writing your postgraduate Dissertation

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Dissertation writing is very different from essay writing. It is a bit more complex and lengthy, meaning you are likely to spend more time conducting research and writing your dissertation. The common mistake most students make is to focus more on collecting data and writing it down. They forget even the way you arrange that data (format), grammar and spelling also count to the overall project. When you hire us to write your dissertation for you, we will pay attention to all the details that most people tend to forget, hence providing you with a well-formatted and edited, custom written dissertation. Order your dissertation now!

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While some of the book's advice is of interest only to dissertationwriters, much of the information--on battling writer's block, forinstance--is valuable to anybody engaged in writing. Rather than beingfilled with rules defining how to become a great writer, Writing YourDissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day is about finding the process bywhich you can be the most productive--it's a set of exercises that youcan use to find out more about you and the way you write. Along theway, you'll do a bit of writing. And that's what matters, especiallywhen you experience writer's block--as Bolker says, "Write anything,because writing is writing." With its helpful advice and supportivetone, Writing Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day should berequired reading for anyone considering writing a dissertation.

[…] Ethan. The secret to writing your dissertation. Starts With a Bang […]
[…] Ethan. The secret to writing your dissertation. Starts With a Bang […]

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Here is some good advice for writing a dissertation that your committee will enjoy reading. The same advice applies as when you were preparing your proposal for the Committee to review. You need to make it appealing to read. This takes time and hard work. Writing does not come easy to most students. You are almost finished at this point. So take the time to end on a high note. Here are some tips in writing your dissertation.


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Planning your time is a key component to writing your dissertation. You should aim to have a full first draft well before the deadline – at least a couple of weeks. So work out when you’ll do your fieldwork or data collection, and then work out a schedule for completing the dat analysis, interpretation and writing. Give yourself strict deadlines and stick to them – otherwise, you’ll be back against the wall, handing in a first, unedited draft of your dissertation. And that’s a great way to lose marks.

You should be used to referencing by the time you write your dissertation but if you need a refresher then see our page: .

Writing Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day

Are you writing up your dissertation? Here are some simple reflective slides to help you with this process. Feedback would be appreciated so you are welcome to contact me.