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You are lost in the heaps of books and scientific journals and you are almost ready to start writing your dissertation literature review. What you need now is a good guide to writing a literature review for a dissertation. Well, here we are! The guidelines presented below will help you write a good dissertation literature review. So, consider them.

Actually, there is an important thing that we want to tell you. A dissertation literature review cannot be written in a few days. It will be completed only after your dissertation is almost finished, because new publications are constantly being produced. On the one hand, they can be useful to you. On the other hand, they can be a reason for rewriting your dissertation literature review several times.

Now, let us present you several possible ways of organizing the dissertation literature review:

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A Guide to Writing the Dissertation Literature Review

The purpose of writing a literature review for your dissertation is to unveil your reader that you’ve acquired a profound knowledge about a particular topic or question in your field, and you have meticulously conducted an extensive research about the dissertation topic. A dissertation literature review provides an insight to the reader that the researcher has read & have a good grasp of the main published work of a specific field. Writing a dissertation literature review could be a complicated task for you but, do not fret as our expert writers are here to assist you with . You’re supposed to provide an overview of the substantial literature already published on your topic.

A Guide to Writing the Dissertation Literature Review ..

Are you writing a dissertation literature review which needs to be of 6000 words in length and you think you will struggle to write so many words?

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A literature review serves several purposes in your dissertation