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5. Work with your superiors. The faculty is your friend when it comes to making an undergraduate dissertation proposal. Maintaining close contact with your adviser/advisers during the creation process should help you a lot. They can share tips on how to improve your proposal, advise extra resources you can use for the study, and point out if partial or full revision is necessary.

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You are supposed to include the following ingredients in your undergraduate dissertation proposal:

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IntroductionThe marking criteria for the dissertation is likely to carry different weightings for the grading of this chapter in your dissertation thesis, to that of your research proposal (See Feather, 2010, on How to Write an Undergraduate Marketing Dissertation Proposal). For example, here at The Business School at the University of Huddersfield, there is more weighting given to the methodology in the proposal, than in the main disseration. The reasoning behind this, is that, if you can get it right for the proposal, it should be straight forward when it comes to the research methodology chapter in the thesis, as you may be just changing it a little depending upon what has impacted on your research whilst you were undertaking the primary data collection, and writing up the various chapters of your thesis. Therefore, you may be in a position where you are simply tightening up your writing in line with your supervisor’s comments, the feedback you received on this section in your proposal, and changing the pre-tense to the past-tense.Having said this, in all my years of experience supervising and grading students’ work, this chapter appears to be the weak link in the chain of writing for the undergraduate dissertation. Mainly, because it may be the first time that students have been introduced to such concepts of phenomenology, interpretivism, epistimology, feminism, action reseach, positivsim and so on. These are very scary words to some students (Quinlan, 2011), but you should not be put off by these words, as it is these words, and the knowledge acquired by reading, understanding and applying these words that will make your work stand out, and possibly gain you those extra marks you feel you may need in order to meet your desired objective. That is, in obtaining a good grade for your dissertation that counts towards your degree classification. Some dissertations (at some institutions), are 40 credit modules, and therefore, are equivalent to two 20 credit modules. So it is important that you get this part right, as it is your plan of action, or, how you intend to undertake (pre-tense for the proposal), or have taken (past-tense for the dissertation), for your chosen research subject.

Writing undergraduate dissertation proposal

Patrick Viney from Northumbria University described their journey with the Pebblepad e-portfolio tool and how they have replaced the paper system of submitting undergraduate dissertation proposals. With over 800 students supported by over 100 academic tutors, logistical issues in managing such large numbers were significant. Patrick demonstrated how using Pebblepad had resulted in a robust, auditable, paper- free processes for managing dissertation proposals, ethical approval submissions and tutor support during the dissertation.

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Making an Undergraduate Dissertation Proposal. Writing a dissertation is certainly one of the toughest obstacles you must face in order to accomplish that desired degree.

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4. Construct the body of your proposal. Proposal formats may differ from institution to institution, but the standard format for an undergraduate dissertation proposal includes the following: an abstract that summarizes your proposal, an introduction that elaborates your purpose for making the proposal, a literature review that includes all related material relevant to your impending research, a list of methods you’ll use to accomplish your study, and a bibliographical list of all content used in making the proposal.