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Thanks to having served on a large number of search committees for post-docs and junior candidates, I have now have a pretty good sense of what the five most common types of dissertations are in political philosophy. Here they are, categorized, with abstracts included:

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The five major types of dissertations in political theory include both 1 and 3 above, but also the following three new types:
3) Besides there are some more types of dissertations. For example, papers that have to do with people include social, political, religious and all other subjects that describe how people live, work and conduct themselves individually and in society. And the second type of dissertations are the dissertations concerning various things – including biological, chemical and all some other subjects that tell of the things around us.Our professional writers have experience in creating unique content on various topics and for different types of dissertations such as literature, technology, leadership, political science, history, education, and more. MBA dissertations, dissertation proposals, master’s dissertations, and undergraduate dissertations are other types we specialize in for custom content. Our level of expertise and services available can help students in a variety of ways no matter your major. Have questions or concerns about your dissertation project? Present your information to our writers and learn how we can help. We also provide custom dissertation samples based on information you provide to help you understand the content you need.
The five major types of dissertations in political theory include both 1 and 3 above, but also the following three new types:

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Whilst qualitative and quantitative dissertations are more than just the use of qualitative or qualitative research methods and data, there is no escaping the fact that qualitative dissertations use qualitative research methods and collect qualitative data (i.e., from unstructured interviews, focus groups, participant observation, etc.), and quantitative dissertations use quantitative research methods, collecting quantitative data (i.e., from data sets, surveys, structured interviews, structured observation, etc.). If you've spent your degree working with quantitative research designs (e.g., randomized control trials, pre- and post-test designs, relationship-based designs, etc.), as well as quantitative research methods and data, the logical choice might be to take on a quantitative dissertation. The same can be said for qualitative dissertations, since in both cases, the learning curve will be a lot higher if you're completely unaccustomed to the components that make up these different types of dissertation.

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I am thinking of going into a terminal philosophy masters program with a focus in political philosophy. Are there any terminal M.A. programs you can think of that will help me develop the skills necessary to avoid these types of dissertation topics and to create better ones? Obviously, a lot depends on my own history, abilities, and wants.

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An empirical dissertation involves collecting data

Political theory:

The five major types of dissertations in political theory include both 1 and 3 above, but also the following three new types: