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Structure of a dissertation can make or break the situation for a student of Ph.D. or any other educational course. It is advisable to go through a number of pre-written dissertations to find out what is expected of you by the reviewer. You can also refer to samples at Dissertation First to make sure that you understand the really well. A good structure of a dissertation is one that has a logical flow, is properly outlined and allows the reader to navigate through the dissertation rather easily. Sometimes, reviewer may not be able to read the dissertation word for word; thus, the structure of dissertation can help him to scan through the information rather fast.

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How to Structure a Dissertation

Your research dissertation may prove to be the longest piece of academic writing you will undertake during your studies, but there are useful methods that will assist you in making the task of writing a dissertation less troublesome. It is important to note that structure is critical along with time management; you should allocate a reasonable amount of time on structuring your dissertation correctly. It will help you gain a better overall grade and having a structured dissertation will keep you on track. This article will outline the typical structure of a dissertation.

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To some extent all postgraduate dissertations are unique, however there are two basic structures that a postgraduate dissertation can follow. For PhD students, one possibility is to structure the thesis as a series of journal articles that can be submitted for publication to professional journals in the field. This kind of structure would spare you the effort of having to write the thesis and articles for publication separately, however it is relatively unconventional and you should discuss it first with your supervisor before opting for this method.

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Pulling together years of research into a dissertation may seem a daunting task. But it needn’t be. If you can organize a scientific article, you can structure a dissertation.

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You might have searched and consulted a number of guides about structuring a dissertation but if you are still not satisfied on how to structure a dissertation then you have come to the right place. We claim that after reading this page you will have a firm knowledge on how to structure a dissertation and you will be able to start writing your dissertation based on this structure.

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