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1. Title: “The efficacy of modern technology intervention in enhancing traditional special education in Israel.”
As technology advances, a lot of techniques and strategies become available for use in education. The efficacy of modern technology intervention in special education is one of the most pressing special education dissertation topics that lack extensive study. The possibility that technological advancements such as gadgets may be used in improving special education is a good focal point in special education research.

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2. Title: “Isolation vis-à-vis Commixtion: A comparative analysis of the efficiency of both approaches to special education.”
There has been an endless controversy about the best approach in special education. While some say that special children are best educated in a specialized environment where their special needs are met, others contend that mixing special children with normal children can help them adapt and incorporate the norms in their system. This is one of those special education dissertation topics which are aimed not only at education, but to treatment as well.

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Dissertations can be difficult, and one way to ease this daunting task is to find a suitable subject that is both substantial and feasible. In this article, focus will be given to special education dissertation topics as this is one of the most complex subject matters that deal with dissertations. Below are some of the best dissertation topics that you may cover in your study:

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