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A list of recent dissertation topics in criminal justice reads like a list of newspaper headlines: an examination of students' perceptions of racial disparities in capital sentencing, a discussion of survivor victims' views on the criminal justice system, using GPS technology to monitor sex offenders. The list goes on. Your interest in a dissertation topic may well fit this mold, but that should not dissuade you from seeing the possibility of scholarly research in another area.

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Recent dissertation topics Attentional bias and drug taking

Recent dissertation topics include: Job and the meaning of suffering; Malachi and the history of the priesthood; Jeremiah’s oracles about the future; the background and structure of Second Isaiah; the social settings of the apocalyptic sections of Joel, Ezekiel, and Zechariah; Ezekiel’s blueprint for the Jerusalem temple; the authoring of religious identity in the period of the Restoration, focusing on priesthood, prophecy, and apocalyptic; the psalms in the narrative contexts of the Hebrew Bible; a study of hospitality in the Old Testament, using the tool of linguistic pragmatics; cult and society in First Temple Judah; the editorial perspective of the Book of Judges; textuality and the dynamics of discourse in Ezekiel; reactions to the Exile in Jeremiah; biblical and extra-biblical evidence for the cult of Molek; the literary and theological framework of Numbers; human and divine sleep in the Old Testament; a study of the theme of consolation in the Old Testament; biblical naming and poetic etymology, focused on the language of Adam; the tradition history of the psalms of Asaph.

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