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There are differences between a “Doctor of Psychology” (PsyD) and “Doctor of Philosophy” (PhD). The PhD degree is the oldest doctorate degrees and has strong historical roots in traditional research-oriented academia. PhD programs generally support a scientist-practitioner model, which places a greater emphasis on research coursework and practice. The PsyD degree is a relatively newer doctorate-level degree that embraces the practitioner-scholar training model, with greater focus on clinically-related curriculum and is designed to train practitioners who apply evidence-based theory and research to clinical practice. PsyD dissertations can be qualitative, mixed-methods, or in the form of a program evaluation.

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Time demands of the doctoral dissertation. Students should review the PsyD Dissertation Manual as early as possible in order to get an idea of the basic requirements, such as identifying and researching a research question, forming and coordinating with your dissertation committee, scheduling three two-hour committee meetings, collecting data, writing, etc. Students must have their dissertation proposal accepted by the Dissertation Committee Chair (approved by the Committee) and obtain approval from the AUS Institutional Review Board before they can apply for clinical internship.

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Some dissertation topics may lie outside the areas of expertise or interests .

program take approximately four to seven years to complete, ..

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