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Proquest umi dissertation publishing

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The University of Iowa Libraries has recently established an institutional repository (IR) for archiving a broad range of scholarly output including graduate student theses and dissertations. We expect the quantity of theses and dissertations submitted electronically to increase as The Graduate College begins encouraging electronic submission over traditional print submission. Therefore, we needed to create an efficient workflow for batch ingesting this content into our IR () []. The University of Iowa currently uses the ProQuest UMI Dissertation Publishing service to handle processing of both print and electronic theses and dissertations. To submit electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) to ProQuest, students complete a web form and upload their documents. This data is later returned to the Libraries via ftp as XML metadata, a PDF of the thesis or dissertation, and any supplementary files. We developed an XSLT stylesheet to convert the ProQuest XML metadata to an upload-ready XML schema. While it is possible to harvest this metadata in XML from catalog records in WorldCat, we chose to use the ProQuest metadata for a variety of reasons, foremost being that we can make the electronic access copies available before local MARC catalog records are created, and then generate brief MARC records for our local catalog.

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This article describes the workflow used by the University of Iowa Libraries to populate their institutional repository and their catalog with the data collected by ProQuest UMI Dissertation Publishing during the submission of students’ theses and dissertations. Re-purposing the metadata from ProQuest allowed the University of Iowa Libraries to streamline the process for ingesting theses and dissertations into their institutional repository The article includes a discussion of the benefits and limitations of the workflow described.

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