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5. After you have finished proofreading your dissertation, print it out for your professor. Be ready that the professor will return the dissertation for you to make some changes there. Try to make your paper meet all the requirements of your professor. If you manage to do it on time, you will be lucky to have a good rest at last.

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1. First of all try to have a few days rest to proofread the dissertation soberly. Remember that proofreading includes grammar, punctuation, spelling and style. The first three points (grammar, punctuation and spelling) can be checked with the help of your word processor. It will correct the most strict mistakes. But be ready to check your dissertation later yourself.

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4. Now read your dissertation to your friends, parents aloud. It will help you understand if your paper has sense and sounds good. You will realize that something must be added or excluded. If you want to proofread your dissertation effectively, print out a copy of your dissertation and reread it. While reading the printed variant some new mistakes may be revealed. Besides, you will see how the final variant of your dissertation will look.

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At that time, I have to go cheaper because I studied without scholarship. Self-funded study. So my choice is a non native English editor who lives in Malaysia. It took me a while to find a cheap one, because most of them cost around between RM 0.03 to RM 0.010 per word for proofreading and editing. For me, it costs a lot of money. Finally I found one, cheaper but a very long delivery period. It took about one and half month for him to do my proofreading dissertation which is less than 20,000 words. Considering I have plenty of time before the dateline, I agree. First submission, got rejected because there are still got some errors (yes, my English isn’t that great that is why I need a proofreader and editor). The editor then re-edit my dissertation for the second time then it was accepted by my supervisor.

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Getting a top grade can have a massive impact on your career prospects. But writing a quality dissertation also demands some highly specialised skills. Understandably, many students struggle to get it right, especially when they are under pressure balancing classes and coursework. Whatever your requirements, our dissertation editing and improvement service covers all your needs – everything from proofreading your dissertation through to a major edit or rewrite. Areas in which our expert writers can help you include spelling, grammar and organisation of work; added words or chapters; and general improvement to bring your work up to the required grade. Often these changes are needed to address your tutor’s comments.

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