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But it is worthy to understand a medical dissertation prior to the selection of topic.

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Medical profession is a critical one, for it is to deal with the most crucial aspects of humanlife. The dissertation on any medical topic is important, bearing the importance of the profession. However, there can be a general approach and a particular approach in the selection of the dissertation topic. So it depends on a student as to which one is selected by him/her. Undoubtedly, these topics cover the important sections of the medical field and can be selected as the medical dissertation topics. However, if you still unable to select a topic for your medical dissertation from the given choices, call us ,we have a great stock of other topics to help you.

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The sciences of Imam Reza, peace be on him, were not confined to the precepts of Islamic law; rather they included all kinds of science of which was medicine. The Imam was unique in medicine, and the clear proof of that is this dissertation which al-Ma’mun called al-Risala al-Dhahabiya fi al-Tibb (the golden medical dissertation). As al-Ma’mun admired the dissertation, he gave the Medal of Doctor to the Imam, peace be on him. The dissertation contains general programs necessary for putting right man’s body and protecting it from diseases, so it is regarded as the main base of preventive medicine in these times and as a great means of improving health.
Any how, it is necessary for us to give a brief outline of this dissertation before presenting it. That is as follows:
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Clinical management includes clinical setting healthcare and managing all nursing aspects. Some medical dissertation topics may include:

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None the less there are many ways to select a medical dissertation topic. First, a general approach can used to select the topic which is not particular but covers one’s field of interest. Some of the guiding principles to select the topic are following.

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