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Management in an industry and organization is the process that coordinates the energies of people to achieve goals and objectives by using resources effectively. If you are going to write the management dissertation, then you must know the main functions and area of management. It's better to understand the functions of management, before you start writing a thesis. Management has a wide sector. If you explore this subject, you will find a great range of interesting topics. Some of the best dissertation topics are listed below:


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Of course, when choosing construction management dissertation topics don’t always just go for the easiest, because through this dissertation, you will be able to prove your capability to some of your future employers and co-workers. Always make sure that you challenge yourself in order to keep things interesting. After all, you wouldn’t want to bore people.


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Leadership is one of the key factors that impacts on an organisation’s performance and drives the agenda of firms. Senior managers and leaders of organisations are in critical positions to have influence on the direction of divisions, business units and the overall organisation. The subject of leadership gives many opportunities for choosing management dissertation topics:

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Management Dissertations - Concepts associated with the resource-based view of the organization are increasingly finding their way into the strategic... ...

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3. Title: “Financial risk management: Consumer expectations vis-à-vis production expense reduction measures.”
There are times when consumer expectations do not coincide with the allotted budget. This usually happens during off-peak season when sales are relatively low and management needs to employ cost-reduction measures alongside marketing schemes. During these times, there is an increased risk in both product/service quality and sales. Failure to handle and balance the interest of both can cause your business some serious losses. This is one of the most difficult risk management dissertation topics, as this requires continuous research and trend monitoring.