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The Honours Dissertation (HD) requirement will be offered in two tracks: a more research oriented track that will focus on theoretical and empirical research at an appropriate level, and a more applied version that focuses on the application of theory to managerial and business issues. Students from 2010 cohort onwards must work on a dissertation topic in their area of specialisation.

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The Honours Dissertation is a substantial piece of independent business related academic research that is presented in a scholarly form. It provides an opportunity for students to explore and develop knowledge in a specific area of academic interest. Accordingly, the dissertation module helps develop skills in conducting business related research and academic writing, and detailed knowledge and understanding of the selected topic area. Further, it also provides an opportunity to apply or draw on the knowledge gained throughout the degree programme.

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In order to register for the Honours Dissertation, you will need to download a dissertation proposal form (link above). You must submit a hard copy of this form no later than 4.30 pm on Monday 25 April 2016 to the Mediaeval or Modern History office (depending on the topic you plan to pursue).
Trying to gain an honours degree is tough work and you will have to put in many hours on your research and also writing. Your honours project or honours dissertation will need to be completed perfectly without any errors to a very high standard if you are going to pass. But finding the time to achieve the level of work that is required can be very difficult as can writing to the standards required. This is why many students will seek out professional help with their honours research and dissertation writing.Writing your honours dissertation can be one of the most challenging things you will have done in your life so far. After all, there is a lot at stake here: Your degree and a large part of your future rests on how well you do. This adds pressure, stress and anxiety, and this often causes the student to lose focus.10. Should students not complete their Honours dissertation within the required timeframe they must apply for an extension. If an extension of time is granted, they will be required to re-enrol and pay fees again in the next semester.The Prize is awarded to the honours dissertation (or an eligible master’s dissertation, as noted below) that is judged to be the best from the pool of submissions. The submission pool will be drawn as a maximum of one dissertation from each university, and they will be assessed by a judging panel appointed by the Chair of the NZAE Trust. Eligible masters dissertation submissions will be those produced as part of a taught master’s programme with the research component less than one full time equivalent course. Dissertations may be on any area of economics. A submission from each Head of Department will be sought before 30 November each year.
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If you’re looking for some top tips on how to keep it together during this testing time, let’s take a look at how to write your honours dissertation and make it better.

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HD is not compulsory for Honours students. Only Honours students with a CAP score of at least 4.0 in every semester or fluctuate around 4.0 since joining the Honours program are allowed to do the Honours Dissertation.

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Below is my honours law dissertation together with tips and a very special video from an ex-Cambridge professor at the end. Enjoy! If you have any academic material you would like to post that may help others, please get in touch and I can talk you through some of the best ways to get your message and your name promoted online.