A very good dissertation has a good question or problem.

The faculty in the study explained that a very good dissertation displays the student's mastery of the field, addresses a meaningful question or problem, and is executed competently. Although it might not hold the promise of altering the field, it has the potential to contribute to the field by expanding its knowledge and thinking. The dissertation contains material for two or three papers that could be published in top-tier professional journals.

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Selecting a good dissertation topic is vital, as this will provide a strong foundation upon which to build the rest of the work. A weak dissertation topic will inevitably lead to a weak dissertation; something which you want to avoid happening at all costs! Often students realise too late that their dissertation is based on a bad choice of topic and have no choice but to start again.

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If you are about to write your or , you need to as this is a vital element in creating a sound piece of work. Good dissertation topics are both manageable (in terms of finding data) and presentable (in terms of results achieved).

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The very good dissertation is very good indeed. It fulfills the purposes of the dissertation requirement and establishes the student as a capable social scientist. The majority of the dissertations that faculty see are very good, and this is the level that they expect of most graduate students.

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More specifically, the faculty described a very good dissertation as "original or significant," making a "modest contribution to the field." A very good dissertation has a good question or problem. It shows understanding and mastery of the subject matter; uses appropriate, standard theory, methods, and techniques; includes well-executed research; demonstrates technical competence; presents solid, expected results/answers; and is well written and well organized.

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