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Paradoxically, it's less devastating to leave the profession knowing you've done everything humanly possible to make a place for yourself. Leaving without finishing your dissertation will only harm your chances of finding work elsewhere, destroy your self-esteem, and leave a permanent gap in your life.

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Combining psychological support with a project management approach that breaks tasks into small, manageable chunks, experienced dissertation coach Alison Miller shows you how to overcome negativity and succeed beyond your own expectations. You will learn how to plan and structure the dissertation process, work effectively with dissertation chairpersons and committees, and take care of yourself on the dissertation journey. Tips for mastering all of these skills are presented along with exercises to reinforce key lessons, ideas, and strategies. By the end of the process, you will not only have finished your dissertation you will also have learned the self-confidence that comes from knowing how to stay engaged when difficulties arise and the joy that comes from accomplishment in pursuit of your personal values.
2009. 264 pages. Paperback. Published by the American Psychological Association.

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Are you having difficulty finishing your dissertation? Are you feeling stuck after trying various approaches, or panicky about the entire enterprise? If so, it is unlikely that your cognitive abilities are to blame. More likely, the culprits are anxiety, self-doubt, procrastination, perfectionism, and the thoughts, feelings, and behavior that accompany these difficulties. This book was written to help you overcome these problems and finish your dissertation once and for all.

18. Learn how to read. Writing a dissertation requires a massive amount of reading. You must become familiar with the arguments of several hundred resources—books, articles, reviews, and other dissertations. What will you do? You must learn how to read. Effective reading does not require that you read every book word-for-word, cover-to-cover. Indeed, sometimes very close reading of a given volume may actually impede your understanding of the author’s argument. In order to save time and cultivate a more effective approach to knowledge acquisition, you must learn how to use your resources. This means knowing when to read a book or article closely, and knowing when to skim. It means knowing how to read large books within a matter of an hour by carefully reviewing the table of contents, reading and rereading key chapters and paragraphs, and using the subject index. If you want to finish your dissertation, learn how to read. As a former journalist, assistant professor, and seasoned dissertation-writing-workshop coach at New York University, I can promise you there is only one fail-safe method, one secret, one guaranteed trick that you need in order to finish your dissertation: Write.
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I’ve heard of a professor who did exactly that. She was working on her dissertation when a close family member was diagnosed with cancer and scheduled to begin chemotherapy in 30 days. The professor wanted to support her loved one during the treatments in every possible way, yet knew she couldn’t accomplish that and work on her dissertation at the same time. So she went into “Ph.D. Completion Mode,” dedicating herself completely to finishing her dissertation within the next 30 days so that, afterward, her family member could be her one and only priority.

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They stay because the unfinished dissertation is like the wound of Philoctetes in Greek mythology, a festering sore that never goes away. No mere albatross, it stigmatizes its owner in ways that usually leave permanent scars. Philoctetes himself was ostracized, and he became a suffering hero of tragic theater.