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If you are having trouble Dissertations - Find a Dissertation - ProQuest, you may need to try a broader search. There are far more journal articles in the world than there are dissertations, so you may not find a dissertation on your exact topic.

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So much time has passed since you signed up for writing a dissertation, but you have not decided on a topic yet! Well, finding a dissertation topic is a very responsible step. However, postponing is not a way out.

The more doubts and hesitations you have, the stronger the possibility to make the wrong choice is.

Do you think that finding a dissertation topic in 15 minutes is impossible? Then, read this article!

How to find a dissertation topic in 15 minutes: Strategy 1

What was your favorite theme discussed in class?

Number one strategy for finding a dissertation topic is to think of a theme that you were good at. You may narrow down that theme or find new aspects to consider. The key point is that you should feel confident enough to investigate this theme.

How to find a dissertation topic in 15 minutes: Strategy 2

What book or movie related to your research area made a great impression on you?

This strategy for finding a dissertation topic will help you determine the area of your interests. For example, if you saw the movie Pearl Harbor and have to write a dissertation in History, choose the Japanese Attack of Pearl Harbor as your dissertation topic.

How to find a dissertation topic in 15 minutes: Strategy 3

Have you ever prepared a written work/oral report for the subject you need to investigate?

Finding a dissertation topic will also be more effective if you recollect what research papers/courseworks/reports you have already prepared. Continue investigating the topic that brought you a real success.

There is no need to look through thousands of recent research papers or make use of a . Consider the strategies presented above, and finding a dissertation topic will not be a problem for you.

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If you are looking for sample dissertations, the first place to explore is the Internet, of course. There are solutions to any problem in the worldwide web, because there are millions of people with the same requests as yours, as well as millions of those who upload information to the Internet regularly. You can find any tips and materials for your academic assignments online. Remember to use only trusted resources to avoid computer viruses. You can also search the online libraries to find examples of dissertations as well as useful sources to be used in your future assignment. Older dissertations may be listed in the ProQuest database, but you won’t find the full text online. Sometimes you can find a dissertation through , which will let you purchase a copy online.
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If in the process of find a dissertation anything that you consider as hard work to do appears, call on special writing service. There you may find lots of interesting data and fill you knowledge with .

dissertations, so you may not find a dissertation on your exact topic

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2. Find a dissertation committee member that can help you structure your work, especially if your Dissertation Chair is not familiar with your topic. You will ultimately be the expert on your specific project. However, if you have a committee member that is knowledgeable your topic, they can guide you when you suggest something that has either been over-studied or does not make any sense based upon previous research findings.

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3. If you are scared of statistics, try to find a dissertation committee member that can explain your statistics to you in a manner you can understand. If you are not familiar with statistics, you will need to ask for assistance in choosing the appropriate tests. If you cannot find a committee member to assist you in increasing your statistical knowledge, seek assistance through other means, such as one-on-one statistical consulting with Statistics Solutions.