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Corporate Social Responsibility has become an integral part of corporate management strategy for banking industry participants in recent times. The banks are not only under pressure from the shareholders but also from other stakeholders such as suppliers, customers, brokers and so on to become more and more responsible in dealing with social issues in its day to day operations. Topics of Corporate Social Responsibility of the banking industry that may be used for a finance dissertation topics are:

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Get 5 relevant, interesting, manageable and impressiveAccounting & Finance Dissertation Topics for only £39.99

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Get 5 relevant, interesting, manageable and impressiveAccounting & Finance Dissertation Topics for only £39.99

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Explore Financial Management Projects Topics, Finance Project . Reports in PDF, DOC and PPT for Final Year MBA, BBA Diploma, BSc, MSc, . A list of important topics of research on finance is provided to help the students . Dissertation topic list of finance, finance dissertation topic list, .

Get 5 relevant, interesting, manageable and impressiveAccounting & Finance Dissertation Topics for only £39.99

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