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Richard Allen, a lecturer in psychology at Leeds University, has worked on many final yeardissertations, and considers them one of the most rewarding and productiveexperiences university offers students.

Best Final Year Dissertation – HistoryRobert Cliff and Osneil Drakes

Dismissed posters for my Final Year Dissertation “Alexander McQueen: The Video Game”.

Best Final Year Dissertation – War StudiesTom Cheetham and Tom Davies

"This extended collaborativeprocess between students and supervisor is therefore a key part of a degree’straining, and is certainly preferable to just running yet another taughtmodule. Even for me personally (15 years afterwards), I have detailed memoriesof working on my final year dissertation, but don’t remember what any of myfinal year taught modules were!"

Best Final Year Dissertation – HistoryRobert Cliff and Osneil Drakes

For the last half century or more the final year undergraduate dissertation, typically an 8-10,000 word independent project, has been seen as the gold standard for British higher education. However, it is coming under pressure for reform as student participation rates have increased, the number studying professional disciplines has grown, and staff-student ratios have deteriorated. Some courses have abandoned the dissertation altogether, but there is a danger of throwing the baby out with the bath water. Rethinking the dissertation involves thinking creatively. How can the most important learning outcomes associated with the traditional final year project largely be retained, while giving students a range of other benefits which are more relevant to their interests and future careers?

Are you confused what should be included in your final year dissertation and what shouldn’t be?
I am a yacht manufacture / surveying degree student and am struggling to come up with new, original ideas for my final year dissertation. I was hoping for some help. Can anyone suggest any real problems the industry is facing, so that I can have a go at developing a solution? It can be on anything: manufacture techniques, spars, rigging, materials, design, engineering, propulsion, foils................etc.Streets Apart is my final year dissertation film. It was shot in Newcastle and explores homelessness in the city.
I researched, produced, directed and edited the film.An introduction to carrying out Final Year dissertation research using the Leeds Met Library Online site.
This video tutorial will show you how to use Leeds Metropolitan University's Library including the Library Online site and the ways in which it will help you use basic library services, and explore the collections. Using the library to find and use complex information, to demonstrate 'learning', and useful search strategies are covered.
Best Final Year Dissertation – Independent Documentary StudyBenjamin Lake

My final year dissertation was titled; ..

Many degree courses include a final year dissertation. Stephanie Webb reveals what’s involved and how you should approach producing one.

Osneil Drakes won the prize for ‘Best Final Year Dissertation (History)’

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My final year Dissertation project which involved recreating Brace Yourself Games opening cut scene of "Crypt of the Necrodancer" in 3D.
Created with permissions from Brace Yourself Games.

Best Final Year Dissertation – Independent Documentary StudyBenjamin Lake

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“I realized that in a museum setting, I could integrate my scholarly interests with my interest in handling art objects,” Mensah explained. “And during my final year of dissertation writing,