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Define empirical dissertation Empirical Phenomenology An Approach for Qualitative Research By Patrik Aspers Department of Sociology Stockholm University 106 91 .

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Once you have dealt with the above issues, you should present and analyze all the data you have gathered during the course of your research. Data analysis in this case involves identifying and describing trends in data that could potentially indicate natural laws or principles and then summarize your report. Professional dissertation writers suggest you to start off you conclusion by describing the problem that prompted your research once again and follow it with a brief description of your research methods. Conclude your empirical dissertation by re-presenting the most important components of your data and major points of your data analysis and you will do great.

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Any empirical dissertation, according to professional dissertation writers, should start with you stating and explaining the problem or an unanswered question that prompted your empirical research. Then you have to contextualize the problem in contemporary research and demonstrate how your empirical research will confirm, deny or respond to conclusions drawn by other scholars in your field. After that you should describe and analyze the research methods and existing theories you will be employing over the course of your research. For this matter you can either use methods other scholars have employed or you can introduce new methods and theories.

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When the APA site visit team talked with students and looked over documents, they were impressed by how active the students had been in their research and other scholarship, especially given that we are a Psy.D. program. Students are required to complete an empirical dissertation (see below) and submit a paper for presentation. Faculty members help students meet the requirements through courses and the dissertation process. However, students are often excited by opportunities associated with the work their advisors and other faculty members are doing and therefore participate in additional activities. You’re more than likely to choose doing an empirical or a non-empirical dissertation. However, in other disciplines you may come across different methods of producing a dissertation.
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The uniqueness of empirical dissertation is in its attempt to simultaneously respond to and propel current research in a chosen academic discipline. Thus, the structure of the empirical dissertation has to reflect this attempt in order to contextualize the goals of the research in contemporary reports and theory, and to point out how they can be expanded. Writing an empirical dissertation requires certain knowledge and skills as it has to reflect contemporary research, provide details of your analysis methods and point out the findings of your research. Therefore professional dissertation writers have decided to provide some tips that will help you to do better on your empirical dissertation.

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Psy.D. students are required to complete an empirical dissertation. The process is explained in detail in the Psy.D. Program Handbook, which is available on the Program Documents page. The dissertation study can be performed using quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods. Samples so far have included adolescents, university students, community members, and professionals.

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Making the choice to do a non-empirical dissertation shouldn’t be taken lightly. Sustaining an argument over the length of your whole dissertation is a distinct challenge. If you enjoy spending time in the library, reading, thinking and discussing theory, this is likely to be the right choice for you.