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a scholarly work prepared for public defense to obtain an academic degree. The system of holding public defenses of compulsory written compositions on themes in science or literature for the purpose of granting university degrees or ranks began to develop in the Middle Ages in universities in German-speaking countries. During the 16th and 17th centuries the system spread to other countries. In Russia the defense of published dissertations was introduced after the establishment of Moscow University (1755). Public defense of the dissertation in conjunction with oral and written examinations for the degrees of master and doctor was instituted by the Statute of 1819 on Granting Academic Degrees. The master’s essay was to be written in Latin, Russian, or another language, and the doctoral dissertation in Latin, with the additional requirement of “theses”—the prototype of the thesis abstract.

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Latin dissertatus, past participle of dissertare, from dissertus

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For many beginning writers, the word dissertation conjures unrealistic visions of an industrious year spent in the university library before miraculously emerging with five polished chapters. Since this is certainly not the case for most students, this pamphlet will offer advice about the dissertation writing and revising process, suggest ways that Writing Tutorial Services can Wondering why disserting is  syllables? ! We'll explain. writers, and highlight other useful resources.

Latin dissertus, past participle of disserere, from dis- + serere to join, arrange — more at
A doctoral dissertation or thesis is a professional necessity; in order to finish your graduate degree and begin your professional career, it is necessary to write and defend one. Your dissertation is a document that demonstrates your professional proficiency in a discipline or subject.Most disciplines require that students write and defend Latin dissertus, past participle of disserere, from dis- + serere to join, arrange — more at or thesis proposal before they begin research and writing. The dissertation proposal is a document that presents the main questions or ideas your project will investigate, reviews relevant literature on the topic, explains the necessity of further research, and, finally, discusses expected hypotheses and their significance to the topic and in the larger discipline.
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Set realistic short-term and long-term deadlines and construct a timetable. In order to make your project more manageable, break down your dissertation into workable chunks that could be shared with your writing group or brought to Writing Tutorial Services for feedback. Set realistic chapter deadlines and meetings with your advisor and establish a policy for dealing with missed deadlines. Feeling stuck and missing multiple deadlines is an important reason to seek out your advisor, not a reason to avoid him or her.

What made you want to look up dissert? Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible).

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When you are thinking about the revision process, be clear about the differences between revising and proofreading. Revising a dissertation means much more than editing for grammar, clarifying word choices, or cutting and pasting. The goal when revising your dissertation should be to make your ideas as developed and as clear as possible. Revising allows you to think in a concentrated and holistic way about your topic, to trace out larger connections and realize further implications of your ideas, and to organize your material in the most logical fashion. Things like word-level editing, transitions between paragraphs, and grammar issues are all part of the proofreading process that you may want to save until the very final stages of your project.