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Getting a degree in English can be quite difficult. Among the different sub-fields of the English language, English Literature is one of the most compelling ones to create a topic for. Are you wondering what some potential dissertation topics for English literature are? Here is a list of topics that can be useful for you in the long run.

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1. Author-related topics. There are so many authors associated with English literature. It would be quite tedious to name them all here in one article, you just need to get the point. You can make an analysis of different works and try to observe a common trend associated with them. Here are some examples of dissertation topics for English literature using this approach:

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These are some examples of dissertation topics in English literature and if you want to go through some more ideas, you better visit your university library to go through dissertations written by students in the past years.

Dissertation Topics in English Literature Saying Something About Others Work is Easier But Producing Your Own Stuff is More Difficult Than You Expect