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Dissertation supervision differs in other ways from other forms of independent study. With other individual study formats, the process is guided by me. I know what happens next. I know what the student should do next. But in the dissertation stage, it’s really much more mutual. Other kinds of individual supervision are graded, so there’s an explicit contract and an explicit product and an explicit process. In contrast, dissertation guidance is absolutely open ended; it depends on the dissertation student. In a way, it’s really student-initiated and student-directed. I provide information and guidance when it truly is missing, but more often I am responding to the next stages that the dissertation student has reached.

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Dissertation supervision is one of the most enjoyable forms of one-on-one teaching. Dissertation students are working on interesting questions that really matter, and for me, this makes it intrinsically more enjoyable than other forms of independent study.

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This code sets out the generic requirements of students, dissertation supervisors/tutors and the College in the completion of dissertation assessment items. It is supplemented by individual College codes approved by the Faculty Board. The University recognises that dissertation practice varies between disciplines and therefore this Code cannot set out prescriptive requirements for matters such as the level of contact which should be maintained between student and dissertation supervisor/tutor.

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Only Ph.D. students who register for the first year of the doctoral programme can apply for joint supervision. To that end, they must first choose a dissertation topic that is accepted by a dissertation supervisor at the university.

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One factor is dissertation supervision by senior researchers.

Brydon and Flynn address the limited research surrounding dissertation supervision of Honours students. The main aim of this research was to assess what students deemed appropriate pedagogy of supervision using interviews. Social work students who had graduated between the years of 2005-10 were sampled. Findings revealed that students that described supervision and their supervisors as using a multifaceted approach were the most satisfied. These core approaches of supervision included education (expert opinion on the methodology), administration (processes of the Honours program) and support (on aspects in life that affected individuals in the Honours year). This article may be useful in helping new and experienced supervisors in developing and establishing their role as a supervisor through providing information on the major approaches needed to ensure a satisfactory student-supervisor relationship.