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Writing Dissertation is a challenging task and many times the outcome is often not as anticipated. At the PhD level, the review committee or evaluators expect to receive reports written with absolute accuracy. The research results have to be valid and reliable; otherwise many questions are raised about the authenticity of the work, rigor in research, scholarly writing and formatting. There must be no trace of plagiarism, as this is considered to be agrave offense. The language has to be academic and vocabulary must be rich. Ensuring that all these conditions are met is not easy. The university committee will not accept your dissertation till the time it is perfect. You may have to revise and make corrections over and over again with limited feedback provided every time. Many candidates tend to lose patience and feel overwhelmed with repeated changes required in the work. With a peer review of your dissertation, you eliminate the risk, repeated efforts and get the most of the feedback of your work in one go. This will not just guarantee a high score, but also a positive impression on the committee members, which can prove to be crucial for furthering your academic career. Our past orders of dissertation revision services evidently show the reduced comments and changes, as highlighted by the committee members, by over 70%, making way for a prompt acknowledgment of their doctoral degree.

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While we have served over 700 doctoral candidates till now from almost all Universities across the country, our dissertation review services have been recommended by Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Georgetown, the University of Phoenix, Capella, Walden, Argosy, Strayer, Northcentral Franklin, Georgia State, Indiana State, John F. Kennedy, New York, Purdue and many others.

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