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After your comprehensive exam and research tools statement are approved, your next step is the dissertation research proposal. The dissertation proposal details the focus and intent of your dissertation, articulating your ideas for a proposed study. You develop the proposal with guidance provided by a dissertation committee. The proposal has two main components: a strong literature review providing a rationale for the study and a detailed methodology section.

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If you passed the Specialization Examination, you will write a dissertation research proposal that is 20-25 pages long (excluding references and appendices) and resembles the kind of proposal that might be submitted to a potential funding agency. The literature review in the proposal must be focused and selective, and the focus will be on the rationale for the study, the research questions, the research design, and the data collection and analysis procedures. The data collection and analysis procedures must be specified in considerable detail.

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After your comprehensive exam and research tools statement are approved, your next step is the dissertation research proposal

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