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Presenting a strong dissertation reference list also involves maintaining a uniform system of reference documentation, such as the American Psychological Association Method, the Chicago Manual of Style or the Modern Language Association Method. You must check as to which method is most accepted in your field -- for example, those working in the social sciences most commonly use the APA format, (See Reference 3) while humanities scholars prefer the Chicago Manual of Style (See Reference 4) -- and then maintain that style’s formatting throughout your writing, reference list and footnotes or endnotes, if applicable. (See Reference 5, Page 7)

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Dissertation citation of dissertation referencing is a very crucial part of writing a dissertation. This can be very tricky to some people who are not used to the different formats and the different styles of dissertation citations. There are two kinds of dissertation citation formats that are used often. 1. The First type of dissertation citation format is the MLA or Modern language association format 2. The Second type of dissertation citation format is the APA or American Psychological Association format. Both these formats are used often by the people who use dissertation citation.

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Your dissertation reference list reflects your level of research done in preparation for your writing. While there is no set number of references to supply, there are some helpful guidelines you can follow to ensure you supply an adequately deep and developed list of sources. These tips, from including a broad range of sources to ensuring consistent documentation, can help you construct a well-developed and refined reference list that can make your final dissertation outcomes all the more impressive.

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