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Thesis writing can be long drawn, spreading over 6-10 months, and our writers stay in contact with you throughout the process. They provide guidance and answer all queries at the earliest. Dissertation India provides ample support for thesis writing, through email, virtual meetings and online chats. The expert writers ensure that you are ready for defending the thesis in front of the review committee. They clarify every point where you might have any doubts.

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"Dissertation of India" is a site devoted to assist the students in preparing their project/dissertation pursuing their master's degree in different streams from IGNOU and other universities. As it is a difficult job to get the synopsis of a project approved from the university we provide customized help in preparing the project proposal so that it gets approved easily and also guide the student in preparing the reports after the approval. A student need not toil and invest all means to understand the modalities of the project after subscribing to our project guidance services. It becomes much easier for the students pursuing master's degree in any stream from any university to complete their project well in time and secure good grades for their degree which is a must when it comes to job hunting or promotions in future. Dissertation India is a group website of M/s Regent Research Writing Pvt Ltd. The company has been involved in academic research support services for over a decade now. With a team size of over 1000 writers, editors and statisticians, Dissertation India is one of the largest companies across the world engaged in Master's and PhD level research assistance. We are available for support round the clock on all business days. In order to fulfil the above-mentioned needs of students, Dissertation India has come up with integrated PhD and Masters academic research assistance services that take care of all problems one is likely to face during the course of his/her study. The problems that students encounter are many and multifaceted. Starting from zeroing in on the topic of study to performing research for analysing the raw data and coming up with accurate findings, it takes a lot of effort and insight to bring out the best results. This can be done more easily by seeking help from our team of expert writers who are experienced enough to tackle any study topic and bring forth the nuances attached with it. Coupled with this, our writers are experts at analysing the data for both quantitative and qualitative researches with the help of various software packages. They ensure that the obtained results add value to the domain of a study. Apart from this, statistical testing is also done to ensure that the claims are valid.The services platter at Dissertation India combines the widest of offerings ranging from , to . Customised requirements like , or are also handled exceptionally well at Dissertation India.

With free of cost offerings like Dissertation Topic suggestions and Thesis consulting plan, clients receive the best value for money paid. We offer translation services and rewriting of dissertation for clients who have English as their second language. Translation from Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, German and Arabic to English (UK) and English (US) is offered currently.
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Dissertation India offers premier dissertation and thesis consulting services. We have consulted on research projects for Master's and PhD candidates from across the world. Our expert team and unmatched service response makes us stand out from the crowd of companies offering research support service. Our senior management team has the right set of experience and knowledge and does the policy making for us. Particularly our UK Dissertation Writing Service has been extremely popular and well received by the MBA/MSc students. Reference Dissertation Writing Services and Statistics consulting have been our most sold packages in the past three years. We have consulted over 1200 PhD candidates for Ivy league universities of India, UK, US and Canada. Statistical consulting and editing has been most popular for doctoral candidates.