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For me, more than one year has passed after my first encounter with the Undergraduate Dissertation Handbook and I still remember how I felt my heart trembling with the thought of the massive amount of work that was in front of me.


Book 2 is the dissertation mentoring handbook for QUALITATIVE RESEARCH

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Title Page
For specific guidance on the layout of title pages and cover sheets, please consult your dissertation handbook. Typically, your cover sheet should resemble the example below:

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The layout, format or structure of a dissertation is often preciesly prescribed, with regard to your area of study, within your course dissertation handbook. As previously discussed in , your specific course dissertation handbook will provide guidelines referring to the main areas of your project, including structure and formatting details.

Book 2 is the dissertation mentoring handbook for QUALITATIVE RESEARCH
The College of Education has used the Graduate School’s dissertation handbook and modified it to address specific issues relating to Education students. College of available online [it may take a while to download, especially using a dial-up connection] or hard copies of this handbook are located in the Office of Student Services, 238 Ritter Annex.This handbook is a guide to the dissertation process for Liberty University’s SOE Ed.D. students. It does not constitute a contract and is subject to change at the discretion of LU SOE. This version of the dissertation handbook supersedes all previous versions. Candidates enrolled in EDUC 990 may continue under the former guidelines. DOCTORATE OF EDUCATION DISSERTATION HANDBOOK 2010‐2011
Liberty University 1971 University Blvd. Lynchburg, VA24502 Revised January 1, 2011 Clarifying details and edits were added. Information on the Library publication process was updated. This College of Education Dissertation Handbook is intended to assist you, the doctoral candidate, through the process of Book 2 is the dissertation mentoring handbook for QUALITATIVE RESEARCH. It is our hope that this Handbook can aid you in your challenging, yet exciting opportunity—writing your dissertation. Directions on Form, Preparation, and Submission of the Final Copies of Master's Theses and Doctoral Dissertations (SHSU Guidelines) and modified it to address specific issues relating to Education doctoral candidates. The SHSU's College of Education Dissertation Handbook is available online. This Handbook serves as a guide and in no way provides a contract between you and SHSU or the COE. You must take responsibility to determine specific requirements of your particular department or program. In addition to this COE Handbook and the SHSU Guidelines, you might wish to review other more in-depth how to books on completing a successful dissertation. Several have been written over the past few years, one of which has been written by two of our graduate faculty members, Dr. Successful 2011-2012 Dissertation Handbook Doctoral Program in Counselor Education and Supervision. To ensure that your dissertation from SHSU's COE reflects the importance the College places on it, the COE requires that you follow the rules of this Handbook and strict formatting and submission guidelines as outlined by the University and the departments. By following the guidelines, you can be more confident and encounter fewer problems in the publication process with the University Library, the Dean's Office, or the contracted publishing company, UMI. You are ultimately the one responsible for following the guidelines and instructions in this Handbook; therefore, it is important that you read it completely and carefully. Your dissertation is the ultimate performance event in your doctoral education. This performance event is expected to make a contribution to the body of knowledge in your particular discipline. This event also demonstrates that you understand the existing published literature and that you are capable of conducting original, high-quality research. There are differing types of dissertation structures that you may consider. Of course, all steps in the dissertation process, including selecting the structure, will need to be discussed and approved by your dissertation chair and your respective doctoral program director. The decision you will make is dependent upon (a) how well your topic fits within one of the following structures, (b) the view of your field regarding the dissertation structure, and (c) the view of potential employers regarding the type of dissertation. The following are brief descriptions …

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Page Margins
Top and bottom margins of 2.5 cm are required to enable content to be included in the headers and footers of the page. Left and right margins of 2.7 cm are required for the binding of a document. Larger margins may be required by some tutors to enable comments to be inserted. Refer to your dissertation handbook for more specific instructions.

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Word Count
References, bibliography, diagrams, tables, graphs, appendices and acknowledgements are not usually included in your final word count, however, it may be useful to check your dissertation handbook for clarification.

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