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Many campus constituencies were involved in the decision to change the thesis/dissertation grading system. The Graduate & Professional Student Government Association was the body that proposed the new system and the various Graduate Faculty Groups and Graduate Council all voiced approval. This grading system also received full administrative approval from Instruction Council and the Council of Deans.

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Another final year student in the department said: “This isn’t limited to dissertation grades and has often happened with other essay results throughout my four years here. The system isn’t great.”

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I quite enjoyed writing my dissertation because I was lucky enough to do a topic which I was really interested in. Fingers crossed for all third years for our dissertation grades which we’ll get in summer with our exam marks!!

It would also be interesting to know if your dissertation grade was lower, higher, or more-or-less the same as your other marks.
What is the basic change in thesis/dissertation grading that took effect Fall 2008

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