Questions regarding thesis or dissertation format that are notanswered in this manual should be directed to the appropriate office in thestudent’s school or department. It may be necessary to check withUniversity Microfilms, Inc., about any deviations that might hindertheir ability to reproduce dissertation material. See their website, :


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Dissertations and theses turned in as a part of the graduation requirements at Loyola University Chicago must be formatted according to the rules laid out in the Formatting Manual for Theses and Dissertations created by the Graduate School. To ensure that theses/dissertations are formatted correctly, each thesis/dissertation must undergo a format check by the staff of the Graduate School prior to the submission of final copies. For the format check, you must submit a full electronic draft of your manuscript to the Graduate School's electronic submission website .

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This section describes the dissertation format that all NYUSteinhardt doctoral candidates are required to follow. Dissertations must adhere to these requirements in order to be accepted by the Office of Doctoral Studies for the scheduling of the final oral examination. Please read this section carefully and contact the Office of Doctoral Studies if you have any questions.

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A dissertation format is not a going to be consistent from one dissertation subject to the next. For example the dissertation formats found in the sciences are going to differ wildly from those found in the arts. A dissertation in a language will differ from one in religious studies.If you want to study and get idea of the comprehensive dissertation format including page numbering, multiple manuscripts, footnotes, line space etc, feel free to ask us a completely FREE Dissertation Sample. The sample can be used as a perfect template to structure your dissertation efficiently. To discover how to get a free dissertation sample to know the correct dissertation format visit our page. Historically, the doctoral dissertation has had two purposes: to train young scholars in proper research methodology, and to contribute original findings to research. However, some feel that the traditional dissertation format falls short of these goals for two reasons. First, the majority of dissertations never get published in academic journals, and dissertations are unlikely to get cited in academic articles. Second, many students in doctoral programs see little authenticity in traditional dissertations because the writing style and process differ from that of academic articles. In response to these concerns, many Instructional Technology programs have implemented alternative dissertation formats. This study used survey data to investigate the benefits, challenges, perceptions and current practices of alternative dissertation formats in Instructional Technology. Online surveys were sent to 74 students, 61 alumni, and 38 faculty of Instructional Technology programs in 2010, and 78 students, 43 alumni, and 12 department representatives in 2014. Data were analyzed using qualitative and quantitative methods. Surveys found that alumni who completed alternative dissertation formats received more citations for their dissertations than those who completed traditional dissertations, showing that alternative dissertations increase the likelihood of impact. Additionally, respondents reported that alternative dissertation formats facilitate authenticity and collaboration, and prepare students for a career in academia. However, some participants perceived alternative dissertations as less rigorous than traditional dissertations, with ambiguous requirements and expectations of quality. More research is needed in order to understand current practices for alternative dissertation formats in Instructional Technology.Dissertation devil: Nonsense. Give introduction, and then give your recommendations. Don’t give your methodology. It will only get you in trouble because a goat like you can never come up with a population size and data collection method. Dissertation format is given more importance then it truly deserves any way!
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Today we have two esteemed guests with us. The dissertation angel and the dissertation devil! Both of us are going to give us tips regarding dissertation format.


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Almost all universities create their specific dissertation formatting guidelines. Moreover, few universities have their own guidelines for tables of contents; some even demand their students to link the titles and sub-titles in tables of contents to the text. There are several other issues like that. With dissertation formatting services, you will end up having a fully formatted dissertation in your hands.

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There are various dissertation formats used by academic institutions worldwide. However, APA dissertations are widely used by science papers and business research papers. It must also be kept in mind that though the material of the dissertation remains the same, no matter what the format maybe; academic institutions do have a marking criteria pertaining to the proper formatting of the dissertations.