What are the Qualifications for a Dissertation Consultant?

Statistics is a mathematical science that is used for data analysis, interpretation, explanation, and presentation of the data. Doctoral candidates require quantitative dissertation consulting because professional statisticians provide the expertise needed to effectively conduct the research, analyze the data and present the results. As a student, you are not a mathematical statistician, and hiring a quantitative dissertation consultant allows you to be an expert in your field without learning to be an expert in ours.

What happens when I hire a dissertation consultant?

What are the Qualifications for a Dissertation Consultant?

What is the fee for a dissertation consultant?

Our dissertation consultants are faculty or former faculty at major American universities. These consultants act in an advising and mentoring role guiding you to successfully select a topic, and develop and carry out a sound dissertation or thesis study. They are experts in developing a dissertation topic, writing; research design, methodology, developmental editing, statistical analysis, and qualitative analysis.

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Our thesis and dissertation writing consultants and editors have decades of experience serving as graduate committee members and chairs. These consultants and editors have read, critiqued, evaluated, and edited thousands of theses, dissertations, research papers, and capstone projects.

Your responsibilities as an ACW Dissertation Consultant would include the following:
Doctorate students from many disciplines very often use a dissertation consultant. If you are a graduate student you have undoubtedly spent time struggling with your research statistics, sample size determination, and the interpretation of your statistics. Students often ask if it’s ok to use a consultant, or if it’s ethical to obtain statistical consulting. As a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, we were trained to get a consult if we were unsure of how to handle a clinical issue. Statistics Solutions is a group of methodologists and statisticians that have been through the research process and selected sample sizes and analyses for thousands of students. This is a level of expertise that a graduate student could not have garnered in one or two research methods or statistics courses.A dissertation statistics consultation is the best way for a student to get help on his or her dissertation, and a student should not wait to seek that help. Dissertation consulting is the appropriate assistance to any student who is struggling with a dissertation or proposal. The earlier the student seeks the help of a dissertation consultant, the earlier the help will be given and the shorter the amount of time that the student will be struggling. Thus, seeking dissertation consulting early is key in terms of the student minimizing the stress, anxiety and frustration that he or she may feel as he or she struggles through the difficult, lengthy and time consuming task of working on the dissertation. Statistical consulting is extremely helpful because a dissertation statistics consultant will provide assistance to a student who is stuck somewhere in their research, analyses or statistical procedures.
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If you are looking for a dissertation statistics consultant to help with the quality, content, or accuracy of your statistical contributions, you have come to the right place. Amongst the many offering of our services, you will find help that is exemplar in helping you to discern which type of statistical test will best answer your phenomenon. You will have available to you, help if you need it, to develop a testable hypothesis that is statics-based. In addition to that, you will find that our services offer top-of-the-line technology and software that will put your statistics to the test, literally.

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Our experienced Dissertation Consultants advise you at all stages of your dissertation process. They assist you to:

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Writing a dissertation can be a grueling process, but we are here to help you through it! During this webinar Dr. Lani will discuss the best practices on staying motivated while working to complete your dissertation and provide invaluable tips based on his years of dissertation consulting experience with over 5,000 graduate students.