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Christopher began his career in higher education at Northern Arizona University where he earned a bachelors degree in sociology and a minor in social work. From there he went on to Bowling Green State University where he earned a masters degree and a PhD in sociology. At the doctoral level, Christopher specialized in social psychology and also obtained formal minors in statistics and both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. Christopher is now a professor at Troy University. To date Christopher has published nine peer-reviewed articles in scholarly journals, authored eighteen applied research reports, accrued a quarter of a million dollars in research grant funding and coauthored a book on the connections between western social psychology and eastern Zen Buddhism. His current research interests are grounded in the social psychological domains of emotion, motivation, the self, religion and intimate relationship violence. He has expertise in qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. As a statistician, Christopher is an expert in both parametric and non-parametric statistical techniques, including all univariate descriptive statistical techniques, and a wide range of bivariate and multivariate statistical techniques. At The Dissertation Coach Christopher is deeply committed to providing excellent service to all of his clients as he assists them with any aspect of the dissertation from topic selection to the final defense. Christopher’s warm and personable approach to helping clients is complemented by his rigorous attention to detail and his ability to provide logical and concise feedback in a timely fashion. Christopher enjoys helping his clients with all aspects of the dissertation process. He feels that it is his responsibility to provide clients with the tools, guidance and knowledge they need to successfully complete their dissertation.

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My experience with a dissertation coach is no different. I have found (sadly, and ironically) that my mentors are extremely bad at providing writing advice (not editorial feedback, but mentorly advice). What a dissertation coach has helped me find is the smartest way to go about writing a dissertation (which, unless you’re part of a very small amount of scholars who hold multiple doctorates, we only do once).

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I view having a dissertation coach the same way I view having a physical trainer at a gym or having a cognitive-behavioral therapist (psychology folks, I’m winging it with that term). The trainer or therapist does not lift the weights or make the changes in your life that are necessary, but they teach you how to do it safely, responsibly, and in that act empower you. Once upon a time, when I was a youthful masters student gallivanting around New Orleans, I hired (at a profoundly reduced rate) a personal trainer to help me become more fit. Why? I had never lifted weights before, and I was smart enough to know that I could seriously injure myself.

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How to complete and survive a doctoral dissertation? This is a question that bothers all dissertation writers. However, writing a dissertation becomes even a more acute problem in summer.

You go outside in the morning and realize that everybody (including your supervisor) is having fun somewhere on the seashore. You go to the library and the only person you can see there is a sleepy librarian. At these moments, you have no idea how to complete and survive your dissertation when you have absolutely no desire to work.

However, you have to keep on writing and researching. So, we suppose our tips on how to complete and survive a dissertation in summer will be right in time for you.

How to survive a dissertation: the main principle

The main principle that you should keep in mind is cooperation with people, particularly with other researchers and young scholars. Our tips on how to complete and survive a dissertation will be devoted to people who can help you.

How to survive a dissertation: dissertation support groups

Join a group of other doctoral candidates or set up your own support group. It is the most effective way to escape loneliness and isolation in summer. Besides, a support group will help you stay motivated.

How to survive a dissertation: dissertation coach

Hiring a is a really good way out. How can you survive a dissertation with the help of a coach? Here are some positive aspects of working with this person:

I view having a dissertation coach the same way I view having a physical trainer at a gym.

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I (think) wish I had as it may have been the lifeline I needed at the time. I don’t know if it is an internet thing but since leaving and returning to my dissertation there seems to have been an explosion of dissertation coaches – many who seem to offer excellent services.

A video of commonly asked questions about the dissertation coaching group process.

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For about two years I struggled to write my dissertation. But then my husband found the Dissertation Coach. I couldn’t have finished without her help so thank you!