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How To Write A Dissertation Chapter 4

Dissertation chapter 4: RESULTS You sum up all of your researches.

During this webinar Kheya Ganguley-Kiefner, one of our Senior Qualitative Analysts, discussed the most popular qualitative analyses for dissertation Chapter 4. Special emphasis was given to Phenomenological, Case Study, and Grounded theory approaches. Kheya took questions throughout the hour-long presentation.

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During this webinar, Kheya discussed qualitative analyses for dissertation Chapter 4. Special emphasis was be given to Phenomenological, Case study, and Grounded theory approaches. Great question were answered during this webinar, each section was talked about in detail.

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All these dissertation chapters have their specific characteristics.

Dissertation chapter 1: INTRODUCTION

You should present the main problems which will be discussed in your dissertation. It is important to demonstrate that your work is significant, that your work makes some impact. So, try to correspond to these peculiarities.

Dissertation chapter 2: LITERARY REVIEW

You are to write down the main points which were presented in other researches on this topic.

Dissertation chapter 3: METHOLOGY

You describe the methods and investigation in the main body. Try to prove your ideas by different references, present your own ideas and your standpoints.

Dissertation chapter 4: RESULTS

You sum up all of your researches. Show that all the necessary questions have got the answers. Try to be clear and laconic.

Dissertation chapter 5: DISCUSSION

In this part you have to compare your results with the results made by others. You are to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in theory and practice.

Well, the dissertation chapters are closely connected to each other. It is very important to create a logical connection. You should remember that the more interesting you present the information the more captivating reading turns out to be.

Do not forget to divide your work into logical dissertation chapters and you can reach some success if you want.

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Dissertation chapter 4

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