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Two properly bound copies of the dissertation must be submitted; thermal binding is acceptable, ring binding is not. There are no specific requirements regarding the colour of the cover and binding. Softbinding is the cheapest option and is perfectly adequate for our purposes (although you may wish to get one copy of your dissertation hardbound for yourself). Please handwrite (with a marker pen) your surname, first name and student number on the spine of each copy of your softbound dissertation. If you choose to submit hardbound copies to the department, please ask the print company to print your name and ID number on the spine (NB WarwickPrint do not offer this service).

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Where To Get Your Dissertation Bound

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If you wish to have other personal copies of your dissertation bound, here are some local sources. This information is valid as of October 1, 2015. Prices may change, so please contact these vendors directly. This information is provided only as a guideline.

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Dissertation binding is one of the final stages of the dissertation writing process. Sometimes it may even be the very last step to take. In the course of working on your project, you should have realized that anything related to a dissertation should be taken seriously. Dissertation binding is not an exception.

If you live in or somewhere near Oxford, Manchester, Liverpool, Bournemouth, or Birmingham, this article will be very useful, because here we discuss some places in these cities where you can get dissertations bound. Yet, we want to start with some general guidelines for all those dealing with dissertation binding. Here are some easy rules to keep in mind about dissertation binding.

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Dissertation Bound Glasgow At Mail Boxes Etc. Glasgow - Byres Road we know what a headache it can be to get your dissertation, thesis or assignment printed and bound.

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Copy the number of sets you want bound and drop them off at ..