Dissertation Adviser: Hans-Georg Mueller

Additionally, there are multiple calls for Columbia to yank her doctorate. Robbin Laird of the online defense blog Breaking Defense, a Columbia graduate and a Trump supporter, wrote to Columbia president Lee Bolinger denouncing Crowley’s actions as “an academic crime” that demanded the revocation of her degree and the punishment of her dissertation adviser and dissertation committee for the sake of the school’s credibility. John Avarosis of AmericaBlog started a petition calling for Columbia to launch a full investigation; .

Dissertation Adviser: Fushing Hsieh

Dissertation Adviser: Fushing Hsieh

Dissertation Adviser: Chin-Shang Li

The following are some of the things that you should know before hiring a PhD dissertation adviser. A good adviser should be dedicated to the work, knowledgeable on the different styles of writing dissertations, a good time manager, a good researcher and even a daring person. They should have exclusive ideas and sources that will help you complete your dissertation and successfully publish it. The advisor should also be able to follow your personal orders and instructions in order to achieve your desired goals.

Dissertation Adviser: David Rocke

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Dissertation Advisory committee members will:
Perhaps the most important decision you will make as a doctoral student is your choice of dissertation advisor. Acting as a both a mentor and a supervisor, your advisor's function is to help you structure your work during what could otherwise be a long and lonely process, offering advice and critical feedback, and generally keeping you on track. That's not all, though - your relationship with your advisor is often an entree into academic circles, a way of making helpful contacts and establishing yourself professionally - it is a system of nurturing and mentoring that is as old as academia itself, and is unique to scholarly work.In more practical terms, though, this means that choosing the right dissertation advisor can be a real headache. Throughout most of your academic life, you've probably been told that the choices you make can affect your entire future. This time, though, it really is true. Just like , there is a lot to consider when choosing a dissertation advisor. Perhaps the best starting point, though, is to know yourself. What are your work habits like? Thinking back on all the teachers you have had in your life, which have motivated you the most? Why? Using these questions as a starting point, think about the type of person you would like to have advising you. Be scrupulously honest, keeping your goals in mind. You might be laid back yourself, and enjoy spending time with others who share that quality - but is that really what you should look for in an advisor? You might need someone a bit stricter to keep you on track... or the reverse might be true; if you tend to be tense or anxious about your work, you might benefit from an advisor who can help you put things in perspective.
Sonja K. Foss and William Waters provide guidance on how to create the best relationship with your dissertation adviser.

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Let us suppose that your Dissertation Advisor can actually be turned into a friend and/or mentor. That would be the best of all possible worlds for you at this time in your life. Pull out every conflict resolution skill and technique you have and get to work on this relationship. You might have to swallow a little pride in order to investigate why your Dissertation Advisor is giving you such a hard time but, in the end, if you are able to resolve the problem amicably, everybody wins. You get your Ph.D. and life goes on the way you always dreamed it would. Believe it or not, it is possible that your difficult Dissertation Advisor, the person you thought was Bella Lugosi reincarnated, can turn into your very own, personal champion. It is also possible that you just might make a friend for life. One particularly disagreeable Dissertation Advisor was known to curse his students at a distance of about two inches from their noses. Most ran for the hills. However, those who stayed soon realized that the man actually was mentally ill, but that he would become not only their beloved major professor, but also a dear and precious friend for life. You just never know what the real problems with difficult Dissertation Advisors are until you take a little initiative and try to resolve them. I think they call that professionalism and it is a characteristic, after all, to which you, as a Ph.D. candidate aspire.

Dissertation Adviser: Jie Peng

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Second, you want a thesis or dissertation adviser who pays attention—to the requirements for the degree, to deadlines, and to you. Select a person who understands the process, communicates expectations clearly, and is fair but demanding. Finally, your adviser should have some experience, which means you might not want to select someone new to campus. Faculty members who have served as readers on other dissertation committees will likely be good advisers.

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There are rarely any guarantees regarding the choice of a dissertation advisor, yet this individual is in a position to profoundly affect your future as an academic. It's up to you to approach this issue with maturity, forethought and reflection. Don't be pressured, don't be shy, and don't underestimate the importance of choosing the right dissertation advisor!