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Heinrich Rickert (1863-1936) began his career with a concentration on epistemology. Alongside many Neo-Kantians, he denied the cogency of a thing itself, and thereby reduced an ontology of externalities to a study of the subjective contents of a common, universal mind. Having dissertated under Windelband in 1888 and succeeding him at Heidelberg in 1916, Rickert also came to reject the Marburger's assumption that the methodologies of natural science were the rules for thinking as such. Rickert argued instead that the mind engages the world along the dual lines of Geisteswissenschaften and Naturwissenschaften according to idiographic or nomothetic judgments respectively, the division which Rickert borrowed from his friend Windelband and elaborated upon (although it is sometimes attributed to Rickert or even Dilthey mistakenly). And similar to him as well, Rickert considered it a major project of philosophy to ground the former in a critical method, as a sort of transcendental science of culture. Where Rickert went his own way was in his critique of scientific explanations insofar as they rested on abstracted generalizations and in his privilege of historical descriptions on account of their attention to life’s genuine particularity and the often irrational character of historical change. Where Windelband saw equality-but-difference between the Geistes—and Naturwissenschaften, Rickert saw the latter as deficient insofar as it was incapable of addressing values.

[ 过去式 dissertated 过去分词 dissertated 现在分词 dissertating ]

candidate of science or to petition the Higher Certifying Commission for the conferral of the degree of doctor of science. (Candidate’s dissertations are examined by the Higher Certifying Commission for purposes of control.)

Wondering why dissertated is  syllables? ! We'll explain.
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3) Conjugate dissertate.Given the impact of your dissertation research question, it's important to develop a clear dissertation research question. There are several strategies you may want to try when developing your dissertation research question. If possible you should allow your own interests to drive your dissertation research question. If your dissertation topic is not interesting you will find it extremely difficult to write about and complete your dissertation research. It's extremely difficult, if not impossible, to complete a dissertation that you are not even interested in.
The Greek sought after wisdom; he wanted a man who would perorate and argue and dissertate.

hold forth, discourse, dissertate

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