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For all dissertations conferred at Illinois, try searching the Online Library Catalog There are also options for searching for international dissertations - see are available in Dissertation Abstracts, the print version of Digital Dissertations

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Knowing that these projects are out there, may lead other PhD Students to start the conversation with their committee and may lead to more digital dissertation projects. Even with these examples of successful digital dissertation projects, I am unsure whether a digital component will fit into my dissertation project, but I think I will start the conversation with my committee chair about what I could do to make some part of my dissertation digital.

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Nikki Silva (Cultural Heritage Informatics Initiative) authored a reflecting on the changing state of the dissertation across disciplines. Silva lists examples of hybrid and digital dissertation projects:

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Doctoral dissertations and master's theses are possibly the most sought after type of material among students. In order to give students access 24×7 to the largest collection of dissertations possible, the HKU Libraries joined the Digital Dissertation Consortium in the Summer of 2003 to acquire dissertations from UMI ProQuest. UMI maintains a central, authoritative via Proquest Digital Dissertations: .., with 1.8 million full-text titles. One year after joining the Digital Dissertation Consortium, HKU Libraries added the China Doctor[al]/Master's Dissertations Full-text Database (CDMD) to its e-book collection. The CDMD is part of the China National Knowledge Infrastructure project and is a significant source of information on the latest research developments in China . It covers a range of subject areas including the sciences, engineering, medicine, law and political sciences, education, and the arts and humanities. The Digital Dissertation Consortium database currently contains over 61,000 UMI digital dissertations, and each member contributes to the growth of the database by purchasing about 150 titles a year. The consortium now consists of about 90 members from Taiwan and Hong Kong , which is almost double the original number of members in 2002. Searching by subject: theses and dissertations do not receive standard "subject" headings. Dissertation titles are required to be descriptive, so title word searches are often effective. Another strategy, applicable for dissertations only, is to search in the Digital Dissertations database (limiting to UC Davis if desired), where one can search titles, abstracts and subject descriptors.
A Digital Dissertations event, “The Evolving Dissertation Landscape: A Conversation with Proquest,” will take place on Monday, December 1,...

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Celeste Tường Vy Sharpe, Academic Technologist for Instructional Technology, successfully earned her PhD in History from George Mason University with her born-digital dissertation titled, "They Need You! Disability, Visual Culture, and the Poster Child, 1945-1980." Her project examines how poster child imagery shaped post-World War II American forms of charitable campaigns and intersectional understandings of physical disability.


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Fully interactive digital dissertations are not yet universally accepted. A student must consult with his or her committee before starting such a project. But fully digital dissertations are the wave of the future, and their influence is already being seen.

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This ongoing project shows the intersections between my dissertation and innovative digital humanities tools and methodologies. Rather than submitting a completely digital dissertation project, this digital companion includes information that simply cannot be described by the traditional text-based dissertation format. While this companion will not be addressed during my dissertation defense, it will be open to methods of peer-review currently available and developing within the global Digital Humanities community.