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When the student has met all requirements and passed the qualifying examinations, admission to candidacy for the degree is approved. No student may receive the degree in the same semester or summer session in which he or she is admitted to candidacy. The student must be admitted to candidacy before the defense of dissertation is scheduled.

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One of the last steps to obtaining your doctoral degree is to defend your dissertation

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Dissertation Proposal Defense: Dissertation proposals are evaluated in an oral dissertation proposal defense conducted by the student’s dissertation proposal defense committee. A dissertation proposal defense may only take place after the student has completed at least 48 credits of coursework and had their two field statements approved by the Graduate Faculty. At the defense, students should be prepared to discuss their research proposal, to relate their intended research to wider anthropological scholarship, and to make informed responses to any relevant critiques. The committee may require the student to make further revisions to the proposal, and sometimes even to defend it in another proposal defense. Other faculty may attend the dissertation proposal defense, but the members of the student’s dissertation proposal committee make the final decision on a candidate. Students will be permitted to defend their dissertation proposals no more than twice. If a student fails his or her defense twice, his or her enrollment in the graduate program will be terminated. A student’s second proposal defense shall occur no later than one calendar year after the first.

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Crystal Miller discussed the defense portion of your dissertation. Tips on successfully defending your dissertation are emphasized in this dissertation survival guide.

One of the last steps to obtaining your doctoral degree is to defend your dissertation
One of the last steps to obtaining your doctoral degree is to defend your dissertation. Once you have finalized your dissertation, you must schedule and announce your defense.But, publication of one’s findings is not a criterion for completing a Ph.D. program. If you feel under pressure to publish at least some of your data before finishing and defending your dissertation, you need to pause and figure out exactly why you feel that pressure. Is your supervisor really the direct source, or does it come from within?An examination defending the dissertation must be completed successfully at least two weeks prior to the date the final copy of the dissertation must be submitted to the college director of graduate studies before the degree is to be received. A student who does not successfully pass the comprehensive examination is entitled to only one repeat examination.
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Before you defend your dissertation, you need to meet your university requirements. Writing a dissertation is not an easy task. It takes several weeks to complete a dissertation because you need to look for specific sources of information, follow the citation style while writing, format and edit it. Seems like a lot of work, don’t you think so?

As the quarter comes to an end, some of you may be defending your dissertations or just moving closer to that point—I wish you all luck!

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***UPDATE. Lorenz Gonschor successfully defended his dissertation. He will be graduating in May 2016 with a Ph.D. in . His committee members were comprised of Associate Professor , Committee Chair, Professor , Associate Professor , Assistant Professor , Professor , and Assistant Professor .

Dissertation Defense; Dissertation Defense Dissertation. A dissertation is required of every candidate for the Ph.D. degree.

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All professors are aware that doctoral students need to complete the program and move on. On the other hand, some will argue that anyone hoping for a career as an independent researcher should worry more about prudently disseminating the results of their Ph.D. research in good-quality journals, and less about the precise number of months it takes to write and defend the dissertation. I would generally agree with this sentiment, but only for students who are planning to find a postdoctoral research position and eventually apply for an academic job. To be competitive in the postdoc and academic job markets, and to get the most leverage possible from your doctoral training, it is better to finish than to finish . (If you’d like to read about an example of why this is so, check out , a short article I posted on my blog a while back).