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Keep your dissertation topic in mind when reading academic articles that are relevant to your topic. Look for problems in academic research and ask yourself if you have an interest in this area of research. In addition, many articles and other dissertations will have a section called "limitations". This section can help you develop your dissertation topic. When choosing a dissertation topic, read articles and dissertations in your field of interest and think about these "limitations" as a possible dissertation. Also, in looking for a dissertation topic, it is useful to look over recently defended dissertations in your field, especially the dissertations from students of your academic institution. By reading other dissertation topics, you can find topics that interest you. Some of these dissertations may raise questions that you could answer in your own dissertation.

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Choose a dissertation topic about education and the arts.


Dissertation topics not only represent your research work alone, but also the research work that will change the course of your life. Verily a person’s career path is shaped by the success of his/her dissertations and help symbolize it. Hence choosing a dissertation topic is not that easy a task and one must start looking for topics well in time. Here are a few tips that must be considered while choosing dissertation topics:


Many dissertation candidates have trouble finishing their dissertation because they have chosen a dissertation topic that is not in line with the expectations of all of their committee members. Dissertation committees, which are often made up of three or more professors, often have disagreements over the direction of the topic. The dissertation candidate often gets caught in the crossfire. Thus, part of choosing an appropriate dissertation topic (if you want your dissertation proposal to be approved) is making sure that the topic you choose is in line with the interests of your dissertation committee members.

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A good way to determine whether your dissertation topic will hold your interest is to look over the topics you have covered in your academic career prior to the commencement of the dissertation process. What are the topics that continually raise burning questions that could be used to create a dissertation? Try to imagine a dissertation that you wish had your name on it. What is the title of that dissertation? Thinking through these issues when choosing a dissertation topic will help you decide on a topic that truly interests you.

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The most important person involved in helping you choose a dissertation topic is your primary advisor. He or she should be the primary advocate for your dissertation topic. The best way to make sure your committee is on board with your dissertation topic is to read over their past work, current research and other dissertations they have sponsored. In addition, it is sometimes advantageous to pick dissertation committee members from a pool of professors who have liked your past work.

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How to Choose a Dissertation Topic
Exploring Dissertation Ideas
Research shows some graduate students take over two years to choose their topic —
this does not have to be you.
Don't wait until you are finished with your qualifying or comprehensive exams. Start gathering
ideas for your dissertation right away during your graduate courses. You will throw your graduate
career into gridlock if you procrastinate in selecting your dissertation topic. Without a topic, you
can't begin writing or defending the proposal phase. And more importantly, you can't begin
researching or writing your dissertation without a topic.