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Harvard’s Office for Scholarly Communication has criticized AHA’s approach. It not only access to the bound dissertation, but also an overall open-access policy. The OSC argues that concerns about online dissertations rendered unpublishable are unfounded. It quotes a study showing that most publishers would consider such a dissertation. Only four percent would never consider publishing one. The OSC believes this is sufficient to show that a maximalist open-access philosophy is appropriate, with the caveat of “flexibility for students in different circumstances, and the shortest embargoes that will serve student needs.” What those embargoes would entail remains unspecified. In any case, given the high numbers of embargoed dissertations this year, the University doesn’t appear to be doing what the OSC preaches.

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The one-stop shop for anyone wanting to read completed dissertations is the ProQuest Dissertations and Theses Full Text Database. While working with this resource during this summer, I noticed something strange. Many of the dissertations completed after 2011 were simply unavailable, the access restricted. I knew that completed dissertations are also submitted as hard copies to the University archives, so I went there to read what I was interested in, knowing that everywhere in the world bound dissertations are made available by libraries and archives to whoever wishes to inspect them. But I was wrong. At Harvard, dissertations that authors choose to embargo from being released online are also barred from use in the library in their paper versions. They are effectively made top secret. Why?

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