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Comments from Siti Nurlidah after the completion of the dissertation: “I feel really proud because I have completed my Bachelor Degree Dissertation (PSM) within my best group members’ support. Along the way I have learned many things. I know more about life, because you always remind me to be a better person for positive self development. The friendship we built among the group members is driven by the fact-we do care about one another. We shared the pain and the laughter together. At the end, we worked together to complete the PSM before the end of the final semester. Last but not least special big thanks to Dr. Chew, your inspiration motivates my life.”

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For example: What are you being assessed on, and on which competencies? If you have to do research, then what type of research? How much time are you expected to spend on the bachelor degree dissertation? How often are you expected to contact your supervisor? What are the deadlines?

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Comments from Rosidah after the completion of the dissertation: “Thank you very much to my superb supervisor, Dr Chew.. Thank you Dr because be as my supervisor to advise, teach and guide me and other friends as a good team.. Addition, sincerity of my heart Dr. Chew, you are the best educator to motivate your students to be more successful .. I know, even you are busy with your matter, but you still give me some time to ask about my Industrial Training until to my Bachelor Degree Dissertation..Now, I don’t believe I have completed my dissertation and my Bachelor Degree… yahoooo!!!. . I hope, our relationship as supervisor and supervisee is not ended here and always continue.. I still remember about your sharing about my characteristic.. 100% it is true Dr and I admit it.. You are the best lecturer that I ever meet.. Thanks a lot Dr..”

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Creating a bachelor dissertation is pretty frequent when chasing your under graduate internship as most educational institutions involve a thesis in their training course. The primary factor which may be considered is that a thesis must stance a reliable question which can be interpreted or is yet unanswered.Often the hardest point of any dissertation is selecting the dissertation topics about which you will write; you have to find a gap in the research that is worthy or research and that can at times be far from easy. Our writers can help you from the outset of your bachelor dissertation to help you select the right topic which will be of interest to you. It is always important to find a topic that is of interest or you will find it very difficult to motivate yourself to conduct the required research. The easiest way to find that gap worthy of investigation is through reviewing previous research where the writers will identify and weaknesses with their own works as well as identifying areas for further research.
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The supervisor assesses the bachelor paper with a grade out of twenty. The grade reflects the extent of success with which the objectives have been realized. Further details can be found in the bachelor dissertation regulations, which have been made available on Toledo.

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The students will be given an introduction to the formalities of writing a thesis such as reference systems, data collection etc. Each group is given a supervisor, and each group should set up a plan for consultations with the supervisor. Details are given in ‘Guidelines for Bachelor Dissertation' for the 3rd year of the International Business programme at ØstfoldCollege

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Comments from Siti Aishah after the completion of the dissertation: “Dear Dr. Chew, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you as my supervisor for the continuous support of my research on Green IT Adoption for Eco-efficiency. Your patience, motivation, immense knowledge and guidance helped me in all the time of research and writing of this Bachelor Degree Dissertation. Thanks for giving us a great motivation and support as our respective supervisor . I could not have imagined having a great advisor and mentor for my Bachelor Degree. I just want to let you know that you are the best teacher ever. I am very glad to have this opportunity and I am very happy being as a one of your dissertation supervisees/students. From the first day you accepted me until now, I am always feel that I am a lucky student to have you. From that day, I never miss the opportunity to collect and take as much as your wealth of knowledge for my future. I love the way you taught and guided us step by step in class and make us understand every chapter in group. Even though you are a strict person, but when it’s come to the advisor, you always be friendly like a brother. Frankly speaking, you have your own class, Dr. I promise you, if one day, I was blessed to be living as academician, I would be like you. Thanks Dr.”